Rev. Jim Warrick


Full time resident minister, Rev. Jim Warrick has served at Seattle Betsuin in several capacities and most recently as a volunteer Kyoshi Minister.

Warrick Sensei is a native of North Carolina. After serving in the US Air Force in electronics, he furthered his Electronics education at Bossier College in Louisiana. After working for 40 years in Biomedical Engineering for General Electric, he retired in 2014. After he and wife, Rona, traveled extensively, they found that they would like to spend time now spreading the Nembutsu teaching.

While in Louisiana, Rev. Warrick began a quest to learn about Buddhism by reading as many books as he could find, which was a difficult undertaking as few books were available and there were no Buddhist temples or communities in the area so that he could seek information. A job transfer to Seattle in the ‘90s gave him the opportunity to practice Buddhism resulting in his years of working at Seattle Betsuin. Sensei taught Essential Buddhism class for 10 years while serving as Minister’s Assistant for 3 of those years. After years of tutoring and studying under Revs. Hoshu Matsubayashi and Don Castro, Sensei received his Tokudo ordination in 2003 and Kyoshi certification in 2007. His Dharma messages have demonstrated a funny, sincere and passionate gentleman with a wonderful sense of humor.

He would like to emphasize an openness in accepting everyone as more people together will help increase learning about Buddhism and Jodo Shinshu teachings. His motto is: Buddhism teaches all to live in harmony with all things as evidenced here at White River Buddhist Temple.