Our Temple

Founded in 1912, White River Buddhist Temple is a diverse community of people that practice the daily teachings of the Buddha. The temple was founded by Japanese immigrants who followed the Jodo Shinshu faith founded by Shinran Shonin.   Over the years our temple has evolved to include people with a variety of ethnicities and cultures.  We strive to be a diverse and inclusive Sangha, and most of all, we like to share and enjoy living harmoniously with everyone.

White River has weekly Sunday family services that are conducted in English since the majority of us are no longer fluent in the Japanese language.  Everyone is welcome to join us on Sundays.

We belong to a national umbrella organization, Buddhist Churches of America (BCA) which consists of approximately 62 Temples throughout the lower 48 contiguous states. BCA belongs to the Nishi Hongwanji denomination of the Jodo Shinshu faith and the Main Headquarters resides in Kyoto, Japan.

“Although my eyes, blinded by passions, do not see the brilliant light which embraces me, the Great Compassion never tires, always casting its light upon me.”
— Shinran Shonin