Basic Tenets

Buddhism can seem very complex and complicated but when we focus on its basic tenets, it can be quite simple.

At its core, Buddhism is based on Interdependence and Impermanence.


Interdependence shows us that everything is somehow connected.  Our actions ultimately impact something (or someone) else depending on the conditions that exist at the time.  What does this mean to me today?  Everything I do makes a difference; it affects something or someone else.


Impermanence shows us that nothing remains the same; everything changes.   Living things go through birth -- life -- death; inanimate objects like a rock eventually erode.  What does this mean to me?  We sometimes struggle when situations change and we’ve become attached to what is familiar.   Shin Buddhism provides us with practical ways to accept and even embrace such change.

From these two basic tenets springs our life practices of: Wisdom, Compassion, Gratitude and Mindfulness.