Learn and Practice

First and foremost, WRBT is a place to learn about
Shin Buddhism (the Buddha’s teachings collectively referred to as the Dharma). 


Weekly Services

If you’ve been involved with a Buddhist temple in Japan, then it’s quite different than here. We have adapted our service and educational formats to fit in with American Life. Weekly services are held on Sunday mornings starting at 10:30 for about one hour…followed by Sangha time, an informal fellowship and opportunity to discuss topics with Rev. Warrick.


Learning Opportunities

From time to time we offer special educational sessions led by either Rev. Warrick, a guest minister/lecturer, or one of our lay leaders. Some follow the weekly service and others are on other time/days.

These are designed to explore teachings more deeply than can be discussed at a weekly service. Along with Sangha time following weekly service, these are good opportunities to share your thoughts and questions and also hear from others in the Sangha.

Once a month, we offer a Japanese language service.


Meditation Training

Meditation is not just relaxing to calm down. Meditation actually takes effort to learn and practice effectively, but the benefits are significant.

We conduct a weekly Meditation Service at 9 a.m. on Sunday before our regular service. These services consist of different forms of Meditation (sitting, walking and chanting) and last about 45 minutes. You don’t have to be expert in meditation to attend. 

In addition, we offer 2-hour Meditation Training sessions a couple times a month (dates/times vary). We are fortunate to have Sangha members who have 40 years of Meditation practice (each) to help train and guide us in the most effective methods of Sitting Meditation. Beginners are welcome to join at any time.